a dance duet about intimacy in digital times


(2019 - 2020)

In second two people try to come closer together. They fight with the stigmas of digital culture and the way it blocks their humanity. Through the means of dance and sound they question the way we connect with each other these days.

The performers try to hold on to physical intimacy with the simple action of a hug, while they struggle with constant distractions.

Can intimacy sustain when the physical actions are absence?

second confronts you with the quality of physical intimacy today. Performers Daniel Barkan and Enrico Meijer are looking for a new form of intimacy in our digital society.


Concept, choreography, music, performers: Daniel Barkan and Enrico Meijer

Co-produced by: SHIFFT

Costume design piece: Michelle Vossen


Costume design promo picture: FANT

Promo picture by Maaike Mekking

Photo by Maaike Mekking - www.maaikemekking.com - @maaikemekking

Amsterdam Fringe Festival



6 September 19:30 

7 September 21:00 

8 September 18:00 

14 September 21:15 

Nijmeegse Kunstnacht

@De Bastei

21 September 20:00


@Theater Kikker

8 October 20:30


Residency at SHIFFT


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