Enrico Meijer

Enrico Meijer is a young multi-disciplined artist, expressing himself through means of music, dance and film. From early age he has been interested in various art forms. However he made the choice to start a dance education first, since there is a clear age limit for dance. He graduated in 2017 as a professional dancer. Next to his education he always continued following his other passions. Knowing that one day he would find a way to work with them all simultaneously.

Today he is working on many projects, where he often takes the role of filmmaker. Being the producer of his films, he gets to work on musiccomposition and often helps as artistic advisor for the choreographer.
Everything we do derives from emotion, therefore finding connections within music, dance and film is not that difficult. You just have to take a step back. Enrico knows how to make these connections and how to use film and/or music to make a choreography stand out.


Daniel Barkan

Daniel Barkan is an artist, dancer and choreographer. born in 1990, Israel. She has been dancing since early age. In 2008 Daniel graduated high school with biology and dance minors. Already then, she found interest in the two fields and their connection. Daniel has served obligatory IDF service as a behavior science diagnoses and commander in the years 2008-2010.

After her Army service Daniel joined the dance theater group of Rina Schenfeld in Tel Aviv. In 2012, Daniel studied in The Maslul dance education directed by Neomi Perlov and Offir Dagan. Since 2013 Daniel has based herself in The Netherlands. There she attended the ArtEZ dance Bachelor program (20132017). In the last years Daniel worked with the following Artists: Jan martens (Grip), Nicole Beutler (NB projects), Wubkje Kuindersma (korzo production), Joseph Simon (Dansateliers), Giulio D'Anna, Mats Logen and Karlijn (Akatak), Guillaume Versteeg (G3b). Daniel is currently working with Ayelen Parolin.



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