collectivePRIME is a collective, based in The Netherlands, creating choreography, music, film and visual arts. The duo consists out of Daniel Barkan and Enrico Meijer, both graduates from ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance. During their studies they found mutual artistic interests which led to their first work 'Point Of Change' (2017).

Sound and movement are going hand in hand in our work, as they are lovers who cannot exists without each other. When starting a new film or live performance, sound is one of the first pieces of our puzzle. It stimulates the images in our minds into movement and vice versa.

Once we collaborate there are no clear roles between choreography, sound and visuals. They are in a constant conversation with each other leading to a harmonic process of creative minds.

For our characters we balance each other, as Daniel has often very clear ideas but sometimes too analytical, where Enrico comes with a constant flow of new input and perspectives. Together we find a place where we can be inspired by tension between people, images, sounds etc. We are enthusiastic to create a whole world in which each of our works represent a small part of it.


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